Informational Writing Research Project

Whole Group Instruction

Where to begin?  It is not uncommon to have whole group instruction to initially introduce RESEARCHING to second graders.  Informational writing includes research writing.  The standard asks the students to “participate in shared research and writing projects” and, “…gather information from provided sources to answer a question.”

To do this, I recommend having different individuals or small groups look up different sections to research.  We read Dinosaurs Before Dark every year and at the end of the novel, they chose their own dinosaur to complete a project.  I pulled all the dinosaur books out of my library and checked out as many books as possible from our media center to let them research. I do not allow them to research their first project on the internet.  Eventually, I will allow them on the computers, but not for the first project.  I have used DUCKSTERS many times for research and feel comfortable with 7-8-year-olds on this site.

The first year I was so impressed with their overall engagement level.  They were as thrilled as I was to tape up their A+ quality research project into the hall! From that year on, I incorporated research as often as I possibly could; each year the projects get even better than the year before!



Historical Figures Research Project

Most students often ask, “What is a historical figure?”  Every grade level has historical figures on the content map.  Since this was a term they needed to become familiar with, I combined Social Studies and ELA to designed a unique text features page and research pennant.  These two activities cover multiple standards for every historical figure I will ever teach.

I really enjoy watching their excitement build as they dig and search for biography information about their person.  It is so important to teach them how to research and to write original thoughts.  The natural tendency is to find what you’re looking for and COPY it! Modeling has to take place in order for them to acknowledge plagiarism,  l o t s   of  m o d e l i n g!!!  Often they are still trying to copy the book, but I used the “skill” of closing the book before you start to write the paragraph.  I encourage them to ask the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, and why) before they begin to write their paragraph.  It is as simple as it sounds and it quickly proves a point!


Informational Writing Examples: Research Pennants

So are you ready to get started?  An informational writing example is a research pennant.  They are easy to implement and super cute to hang in the hall!  In my units, there are printables to gather information, two information pages for the actual pennant, and for the finale, a topper!  Some of the research pennant packs come with a rubric and make it simple to grade.

I have a FREE Jackie Robinson RESOURCE that I would love to share with you! It includes both the text feature page and research pennant.  This is a great resource for Black History Month in February.

If you download my packet, PLEASE LEAVE ME A REVIEW on TpT!  Thanks!!!


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    I am Kim Patton and have been a second-grade teacher since 2010. I’m a Christ-follower, wife, mother, teacher, blogger, and TpTer. I love traveling, spending time with my family, creating curriculum, pizza, Peloton, and playing in the camper! I am glad you're here! Read More

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